Vegan chocolate mousse cake with strawberries

When I heard about silken tofu, I had to try and use it in a dessert. The word silken got me… To me texture and taste are equally important. I didn’t find any recipe on the internet that would inspire me, so I decided to pair it with a simple vegan chocolate sponge and fruit. Of… Continue reading Vegan chocolate mousse cake with strawberries


Chocolate hazelnut dessert in a glass

Loacker wafers, hazelnut mascarpone mousse and chocolate ganache make this creamy, delicious dessert irresistible. No oven needed. This is a second recipe on my blog made in partnership with Loacker. Loacker has been my favorite wafer brand since forever. Seriously, I remember my first time trying the classic hazelnut wafers in red packaging when I… Continue reading Chocolate hazelnut dessert in a glass

Cupcakes · Healthy

Matcha chocolate chip muffins (vegan)

I’m not a vegan, but I do like to make vegan desserts because they tend to be on the healthier side. For me it’s not the vegan side of these cupcakes that’s the best part, but the wholesome ingredients used. We have wholemeal spelt flour, coconut oil, matcha, flax seeds, almond milk and dark chocolate. I… Continue reading Matcha chocolate chip muffins (vegan)